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Established June 2018 by Eunhwa Jung


Hello, I am Eunhwa Jung a founder & Curator of Jowa. I was born and raised in South Korea. After graduating from university I began working full-time at an office job. Knowing this was not what I really wanted to do, I started an online boutique shop and managed it after work and on weekends. Starting this little business gave me an idea of how the industry worked.

As time went by, I took on more responsibility at my full-time job and that coupled with complex circumstances surrounding me I had to put my business on hold and focus on my main job. But, I always kept my boutique store in mind and never let go of that dream. So, how did I end up starting a business in Texas? As a university student I would work throughout the summer and save up money to travel. I continued to travel after I got an office job, as well. I travelled to several Southeast Asian countries, seized an opportunity to study in New Zealand for half a year, and went backpacking through European countries. Through these journeys I was able to experience different cultures and see, first-hand, a different sense of fashion. This life of travel led me to develop my own style. The style you see in Jowa.

I ended up moving to San Antonio, Texas in May of 2016. After living in San Antonio for over a year, I realized that other than commercial brands there are not many boutique stores similar to what I am into or had access to in Korea. This sparked the idea of Jowa and it became reality in June of 2018. Good quality, modern, stylish clothing that you can wear on a daily basis within reasonable prices.

Jowa started as an online store In June 2018 and open storefront in Austin, TX on January 4th 2020.

Jowa’s ultimate goal is to introduce not only garments from Korea, but also various Korean brands that we love. Jowa is always open to collaborate with passionate, forward-thinking, and all-around genuinely good people. We try to keep the good vibes in us and go forward, together, in the positive direction.