Jowa originated from a mixture of emotions from  disappointment to frustration to determination. Jowa started in June of 2018 by Eunhwa Jung. She left her home country of South Korea to move to San Antonio, Texas in May of 2016. 

As a world traveller from a young age Eunhwa was exposed to style and fashion from European countries, South Korea, Southeast Asian countries, and as far south as New Zealand. She admires and respects the influence and role that fashion plays in society. 

After moving to San Antonio, she was disappointed in not being able to find the clothes she was used to wearing in Korea. Finding good quality clothes at a reasonable price became frustrating. She became determined to share her passion with her friends and the people around them.


Hand Selected Clothing All Designed and Made in South Korea.


She flew out to Korea in May of 2015 on a quest to search for vendors who design and make their own line of clothing. Her trip to Korea turned out to be an exhausting one. But, her determination brought her back to Texas with a little piece of her home country that she is ready to share with her new home.

All clothes from Jowa are hand selected by Eunhwa Jung.

She had to sift through the numerous companies that sold lower quality products. She decided to only import well designed, higher quality products made in Korea. The clothing she selects can be enjoyed throughout many seasons. Fashion that doesn't go "in and out of style.' Timeless.